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Things I’ve Been Loving So Far This Year

I’ve been kinda slack with posting monthly favourites on here, however the days are literally melting into weeks and we’re already into the 4th month of 2017. How on earth?! I haven’t been using too many new beauty products, but I have rediscovered a few products in my collection that I gave another go – and surprisingly loving second time around! I’ve popped a few lifestyle and fashion bits in there too, so if you’re interested – keep on reading!

Topshop Petite Jamie Jeans
I have been on the hunt for a good pair of jeans this year. I literally tried on maybe 30-40 pairs before I made my way into Topshop and tried on the Jamie jeans. They are the perfect duo between proper, hardwearing denim and stretchy cotton. All my other skinny jeans have been super thin cotton. I wanted something with a bit more hold in them so they would keep their shape. I don’t think i’ll ever wear a different black skinny again. In fact, I’ve since been back and bought a pair with slashed knees. High waisted and super comfortable –  I am sold. For reference: I am a 10 in the Glassons skinny jeans and W30 in the petite jamie jeans.

Casio A168W-1 Watch
I have had my eye on this watch for a little while, but when they started to get fewer and further between in NZ shops I decided to look online. I went onto ASOS and of course they had them, and I got my 10% student discount! I wanted a non-leather watch for a while, but polyurethane really makes my skin itch so metal it was! I wear this with absolutely everything, either stacked with bracelets or alone. I’ve also been loving the gold when I’m normally a silver girl!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
When I first got this mascara I absolutely hated it. With a great passion. I think the formula was too slippy and didn’t get on my lashes and provide the volume I wanted. Now it’s been a few months and it’s dried out slightly it’s my go to. It’s almost identical in results to Stila Huge mascara, so when I run out of one – I think i’ll just alternate! I get such thick, long lashes out of just two coats of this and it doesn’t budge all day – yet comes off so easily when I clean my face at night. LOVING IT.

Whittakers 50% Dark Chocolate
Vegan = no milk chocolate. I was really missing chocolate when my lovely friend Kelsi recommended the Whittakers 50%. I usually hate dark chocolate but this has only a hint of the bitterness – yet still tastes really sweet. I tend to not eat as much either as it’s a little richer. A bar will last me a week or two so I have a lil square or two whenever I’m craving something sweet in the evening. Does that make me sound old? I feel like it does.

Mario Badescu Acne Cleanser
I got this cleanser because I really needed to try my luck with something a little more intense to deal with my breakouts. I gave the Mecca Maxima store a call to get a quick run down of the product and they said it was great – maybe a little drying. For someone who uses a hydrating serum and moisturiser regularly, I didn’t really think about it being drying. So far, it’s really minimised the spread of breakouts and I’ve not gotten any out of control acne since I’ve used it. So far, it’s not drying out my skin – but I do rotate it with the Enzyme Cleanser if my skin is feeling at all on the dry side.

Lush Shower Cream ‘The Comforter’
I was recently sent a little gift package from Lush, and was so excited to see a bottle of this shower cream in the box. This is my all time favourite Lush scent! It’s warm and sweet – like berries and vanilla. They describe it as a cuddle in a bottle and that’s pretty much how this scent makes me feel. Using it in the shower is such a pleasure. The scent stays on my skin all day so if I’m not in the mood to wear perfume, I still smell a little bit fruity.

Well that sums up a few of my favourite things over the past couple of months! I hope you enjoyed reading! What favourites have you been loving lately?

As always, love Lyd x

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