Things We Should Be Thankful For This Christmas

Christmas is different for everyone. Whether you are religious or not, many people celebrate Christmas simply for the tradition with family. With all the gift-guides and wish-lists being thrown around in the blogger world and by influencers – it’s hard not to covet the latest and shiniest new things. Obviously, if your family is one who gives gifts on Christmas its okay to enjoy those! Giving and receiving gifts isn’t a negative thing, but don’t let it be the best part of your day. The best part for me is putting on my Christmas pyjamas and watching movies all day long stopping only for Christmas lunch. It’s seeing my mum open the presents I got her and Skyping my sister on the other side of the world. All these little things make Christmas a special day for me. Aside from the gifts and chocolate on December 25th, we all have a little bit more to be thankful for.

An abundance of food, water and warmth. Let’s face it, a lot of us don’t go hungry on Christmas Day. Across the world there are millions of children and families who are facing a hunger crisis or can’t access clean water. Majority of us are extremely lucky to have food to eat, water to drink and a roof over our heads this year.

Friends and family to spend the day with. Companions for life are something we should all hold onto this Christmas. I for one wouldn’t be able to function without my friends and family! So make sure you tell yours how much you appreciate them this year!

Endless opportunities. I’m at the age now, (21), where the world is literally at my feet. I am so thankful to have an education tucked under my belt, my health and enough determination to do anything. We should all be so grateful for the opportunities that are under our noses should we choose to pursue them! Whether its our dream job, further education or life changing travel plans – we are all lucky enough to be capable of achieving whatever we want to.

Making it through the year. I think we can get a collective “YES” if anyone asks “Was 2016 really the shittest year ever?”. But we made it! We presumably still have 10 fingers and toes, even if we’re a little more worse for wear we’re still here. Lets all give ourselves a pat on the back for making it.

Things to look forward to. 2017 is right around the corner and I’m sure there are a multitude of things to get excited about. I will be completing my co-op for uni, turning 22 and probably landing my first real marketing job. I know the year is going to fly by, and I’m extremely lucky to know that even more will come my way during those 12 months!

What are you most thankful for this Christmas?

As always, love Lyd x

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