8 Shows On Netflix You Need To Binge Watch Now

There’s no denying I am a complete Netflix junkie. I literally spend 4-5 hours a day watching shows, documentaries and the odd movie. If, like me, you struggle sometimes to find a new show to watch – you definitely need to read my list. I’ve put together 8 shows that I would recommend if you’re craving another TV series binge. Enjoy!

Bates Motel

This show is the prequel to the thriller movie Psycho about a man called Norman Bates. It’s the kind of show you binge watch over the course of a week. It plays on the same time setting as Psycho, with a more modern twist. Defs one to watch if you like thrillers or crime drama. My only question; where is season 4 & 5 Netflix?!

Pretty Little Liars

If you haven’t been told to watch PLL at least once in your life, you’re not talking to the right people. This show is scary as heck once you hit season 5. The seasons before that are really good too, but after season 5 I started watching it with the lights on. It’s the most mind-boggling show I’ve ever watched and I seriously can’t wait for the final season!! Not all of the seasons are on Netflix, so you may need to do some internet trawling.

The OA

If you’re into sci-fi thriller/drama shows you will LOVE this. I’ve not watched the whole season yet but so far, so good. The first few episodes are kinda hard to follow but it definitely hooks you in!

Schitts Creek

Kinda like Modern Family had a baby with Meet The Fockers. Funny, and easy to watch. What more could you want?

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

The cinematography of this show is beautiful. I read the books and this series definitely had the same vibe. Some differing story lines to the movie, but in a good way! The only problem is that there is only one season!

Stranger Things

If you haven’t watch this, what are you even doing with your life! Just in case you haven’t, the series is a sci-fi horror sorta show and has been renewed for a second season that is coming out Halloween 2017! Season one starts in the 80’s when researchers at a Government laboratory open a gateway to the “Upside Down”, an alternate dimension, and a monster from the Upside Down escapes and abducts the main character, Will.


Scream is a slasher themed series based on the Scream films from the early 90’s. If you enjoyed Scream Queens, you’ll LOVE this.The acting towards the end kinda gets a little less believable, but the big twist in the final episode makes up for it.

Orphan Black

Okay so I’ve only watched a few episodes of this, but I’m hooked. The storyline is weird, in the way that you constantly feel like you’ve missed something. I suppose that’s what make it interesting though! Orphan Black is about a runaway girl who steals a dead girls identity – and finds herself in the middle of a lot of trouble. Again, crime/murder/drama with a hint of satire.

Let me know if you’ve watched any of these shows, or if you’re going to now!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Lyd x

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  • Reply Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

    I binge watched Stranger Things over the winter and omg am I hooked. I can’t wait for season 2

    March 8, 2017 at 8:25 am
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    May 27, 2017 at 7:33 pm
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