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So, I’m in my last week of the semester and I’m sat in the cafe of my university building applying for co-op placements. Co-op is essentially an internship, but instead of doing mundane office tasks, you are thrown in the deep end with hands on experience. Suddenly, I’m finding myself doubting all of my achievements over the past 3 years and struggling to recall a single thing I’ve learnt. I know I’m good at what I’ve studied. I get high grades and have been paid for a marketing job before, but when building my CV, I lose all self confidence. Suddenly I think; “maybe I should do post-grad where I can safely hide behind APA referencing and class discussions.”

Ask anyone, I love to toot my own horn about university. I’ve absolutely loved what I’ve studied. I’ve achieved more than I thought I ever could and have professors willing to speak to potential employers on my behalf. But I am so scared. I’m bloody terrified that I’m gonna get into a job and realise I don’t like working in marketing. Or that real-world marketing doesn’t like me.

It’s easy to say I believe in myself, but when you apply for a role that sounds perfect and you don’t even get a reply – self-doubt creeps in. I decided to ask around to see how other people in my position stay confident, and don’t let unsuccessful applications get them down. Here is what they said:

Have full confidence in your abilities, don’t think of yourself as less capable because of your age and be prepared to keep learning, you’re not gonna be going in as a seasoned pro from the start.”
Liam from

“Don’t feel pressure to get the perfect job right away, wait for the right time and place. Travel and do what you want to do first.”
Briana – Spatial Design Graduate

“The search for your first job straight out of university is daunting. You’re unknowingly trying to navigate the minefield that is life. Unless your dad is the CEO of Apple, you WILL face rejection letters from most applications. You’ll receive the standard responses; “thank you for your application” “whilst you have a unique skill set” etc, in which you can’t help but feel like you’re on a never ending road to failure. But hang in there, trust me. The right job is out there for you. Nothing happens overnight – seriously, it could take 3-6 months to get into post university employment.”
Brie – Master of Business (first class honours)

Hopefully this makes you feel a little better about the job hunt post uni! I know I’ll still have moments of fear, and feel a bit down when I don’t get a reply from a job application – but it’s normal. There are thousands of people graduating at the same time as me, applying for the same jobs and unfortunately – we can’t all be hired. Leave any words of wisdom you have in the comments below!

Until next time – love, Lyd x

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  • Reply Florencia

    Hey, where did you study marketing? I’m currently enrolled at AUT in my first year of the BBus and I want to double major in MARS (Marketing, Advertising, Retail & Sales) and Business of design which I think will go really well together. My issue is (and the reason I’m writing to you), I don’t know if I can pass the core papers as I’m terrible at mathematics and have already failed my first economics exam. I don’t want to go further into debt just to fail again next semester and take longer to do my double major. Do you think it’s really necessary to study marketing in order to get a job? I already have a diploma in graphic design and a certificate in social media for business which I think I can use now to get a job or even a simple one and just move up in the company. I also really want to work as there are so many things that I want to do and I can’t because I don’t have the sufficient amount of money and cant find a part-time job anywhere! I’m just incredibly confused and I don’t want to make a decision that’s gonna ultimately ruin my future. I don’t know what’s right or wrong and I am honestly freaking out. I’m only just turning 20 so I am really young and have time to decide but if a degree is truly worth it, I’d rather finish it now that I’m young rather than later when I’m older. TA for your advice 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you.

    September 18, 2017 at 11:43 am
    • Reply lydiamicha

      Hello! WOW, that’s a lot for you to worry about! I also studied at AUT (yay!) and I majored in MARS and Public Relations. I completely understand what you’re going through with not being confident in maths, I was terrible at maths in school and scraped through QMB with a C+ average in my first year. The good thing is that you don’t have to excel, just pass and then move onto your majors. There are SO many resources available to help you, you just HAVE to reach out to your tutors and lecturers if you are struggling. I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to get a job, but I do believe you have to think further than that. Having a degree allows you to explore other fields of study to further your education and your earning potential will increase if you have a degree. It sounds like you’ve already got a really good set of resources to get you started and if you aren’t passionate about uni then yes, it will be a waste of your time but if you’re only worried because you don’t think you can pass then you should keep going. You should NEVER be scared to fail, time doesn’t matter and you can always try again. I believe that you have everything it takes to pass! Don’t be scared of failure because it doesn’t help. Use that fear and put all that energy into studying and learning. Take it from someone who failed their first marketing exam – I’m about to graduate, have a great job and will be doing my Masters in a year or two. Please don’t give up because of fear! YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you! <3 <3

      September 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm
      • Reply Florencia

        Thank you for that, it was super helpful! I’m glad I reached out to you! 😊 Thanks for the follow on Instagram as well! Love your blog!!

        September 18, 2017 at 3:56 pm
        • Reply lydiamicha

          I’m glad I could help! Feel free to message me on Instagram if you need any more advice/help! Your blog is EPIC btw, so good <33

          September 18, 2017 at 4:06 pm

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