What Made Me Happy In July - What Made Me Happy in July

July was a good month for me and I’ve entered August being very happy. I had my first official full month blogging and I was met with the most overwhelming response. I had hundred’s of views from over 10 different countries when I expected to be able to count them on my hand. That was very exciting and definitely put a wee skip in my step for the upcoming months. There are a few things that I loved the last month so, I decided to put this post together to let you know about them! What were your favourites for July? Let me know in the comments!

The Fundamentals of Caring

This movie was so heartwarming, harsh and funny all at the same time. It’s about a man who takes on being a caregiver for a disabled teenager with a foul sense of humour and tenacity to get under people’s skin. Selena Gomez is in it too, and she actually plays a really good role. Overall, 9/10 movie, would definitely watch again. - What Made Me Happy In July

The Bloglovin App

This app makes reading my fave bloggers’ posts so much easier, and makes it even easier to get my posts out there! I really like that you can explore different categories too, and get an overview of someone’s latest blog posts before following them. The overall look of the app is nice too, and the notifications don’t build up on your home screen no matter how many new posts you have to read. - What Made Me Happy In July

Bumble & Bumble Haircare

This brand has always been one of my favourites, however, they aren’t cruelty free so I won’t be repurchasing them. I’m definitely not gonna be happy about that when they run out! In saying that, I have been loving these products while I have them. The Invisible Oil Heat Protective Primer has been great at detangling my hair and keep it in good condition through all my blow drying and straightening, and the Straight Blow Dry ensures my hair dries smooth and shiny which makes it a breeze to style. - What Made Me Happy In July

My Tartan Scarf

This scarf is somewhat ridiculous but mostly amazing! It is huge, so huge in fact that I went to lunch with a friend the other day and we shared it as a blanket under the table opposite from one another. It’s got no wool in it which means it’s not itchy, and doesn’t moult. Mostly I’m just loving that I can wear it as it’s finally cold enough to wrap around my head and not sweat my make-up off YAY! - What Made Me Happy In July

Lazy Hair Styles

As it’s been raining most days recently, I have given up trying to straighten my hair and opted for the low messy bun instead (my hairdresser will be happy!) Not only is this cutting my getting ready time in half, but I’m enjoying rocking the messy look as it takes the attention away from the fact I need a refresh on my blonde ASAP! - What Made Me Happy In July

What made your favourites list for last month?

Thanks for reading! xo

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