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It’s been just over 3 months since I went under the knife to have a Bilateral Breast Reduction (BBR) and my God, has my life changed! I never thought having a surgery would have such a large impact on so many aspects of my life! Obviously it’s not something that most 21 year old’s go through, so I always get a lot of questions about it, and with that, I thought I should write a post on it seeing as so many women struggle with the decision of whether to go ahead or not. Hopefully this post gives some insight into the surgery from the GP visit – right to where I am now! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments, I’m more than happy to answer them!

So, without further adieu – let the boob related questions begin!

How did you go about requesting a breast reduction?
So it all started with a visit to my GP and simply asking him to refer me to a plastic surgeon so that I could have a consultation and get the ball rolling. At the consultation, the surgeon himself came and took my measurements, asked me why I want it done and showed me some before and after pictures. He also told me how the surgery is done and took some photographs for my file. He then sent me a quote via email with a recommendation (a statement for my insurance claim that stated that I was a good candidate for BBR).

Where did you go to get it done?
I initially saw a surgeon that was referred to me by my GP, but after meeting with him my mum suggested we have a chat to someone else as well just to see. I ended up being happier with the second surgeon, not only was he cheaper because of my mum’s connections (thanks Les!) but I felt that he was so easy to talk to and you could tell that he saw surgery as an art form and wanted the best results for the patient, both medically and aesthetically. The surgeon was called Julian Lofts and the surgery was performed at St Marks Surgical Centre (might I add, the aftercare team there are incredible!! I couldn’t have had a better experience). You can check Julian’s website out here!

How much did it cost?
The total cost came out somewhere around $15,500, as I got a small refund due to being under anaesthetic for less time than planned. Insurance paid $5000 and the rest was split between me, my dad and my mum.

What were you before and what did you go down to?
Before the reduction, I wore a 14F/G bra and I now fit in a 12D/DD depending on the bra.

What’s the scarring like?
A very faint scar down my boob from the nipple to the base and then a scar along my boob curve (?). Sort of like an anchor shape. My scars have started to fade really well though and to be honest, I’m happier than if I hadn’t had the surgery at all.

Do they reduce the size of the nipples too?
Yes, they make them proportionate to your new breast size.

What do they do during surgery?
So basically in order for me to know that well enough to tell anyone, I would have had to have been awake. I very much wasn’t so I would recommend watching a YouTube video like this one, it’s animated so it’s not gory or anything! And Julian also used liposuction to sculpt the new shape and remove breast tissue from under the armpits because after breast reductions, if this isn’t done, your boobs can look a funny shape due to the excess fat at the sides.

How was the pain afterwards?
The pain immediately after the surgery was non-existent thanks to copious amounts of morphine, but even after that wore off I couldn’t feel anything! I stopped taking my pain medications after two days because I really didn’t need it. This being said, I have a very high pain threshold so take them as long as you need them.

How long were you off work?
Because I work in retail which is quite active (lots of walking around, lifting etc) I had to have 6 weeks off work because I got very tired very easily, couldn’t lift my arms above my head and wanted to make sure I was 100% before I went back. Each patient is different though so always trust your surgeon’s advice.

Are you happy with the results?
I am so unbelievably happy with the results. I can fit clothes that fit the rest of my body, I can buy cute lingerie and bras, I look slimmer in photos and the pain in my neck and back has disappeared! I would 100% recommend a BBR to anyone who is uncomfortable with the size of their breasts and can afford it.

Like I said before, please leave any further questions below! Thanks for reading! xo

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  • Reply karen Barlow

    I had similar surgery about the same time, although I was 42 then – best thing i ever did!! I look at women with large breasts and am so grateful I had surgery. I went from a 20GG to an 18D!! I can buy beautiful bras that don”t cost a fortune, my breasts aren’t saggy, and I dont have any back or neck pain from large breasts. My scars on my breasts are just a fine line and the ones underneath are fading. Again, I am grateful I had surgery.

    July 9, 2018 at 9:20 am
    • Reply Lydia Molly

      Hey Karen! So happy you love your results – it’s so cool to be able to buy nice bras right?!

      September 6, 2018 at 7:58 pm

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