My Breast Reduction: 1 Year On

On this day exactly a year ago, I was under the knife receiving a Bilateral Breast Reduction. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I had such a major surgery. Today’s post is just going to be a little follow-up, and answering a few questions I get asked on the regular! I decided to have my boobs reduced because of a few reasons. I was in constant pain because they were so heavy as well as feeling so low about my body image because they made me look a few sizes bigger than I actually was. Finding ball dresses was a nightmare. Finding bikinis was a nightmare. Finding a dress for my 21st was even more of a nightmare and I decided I wasn’t going to enjoy certain aspects of my life again – until I had the surgery.

There was a few people who raised questions such as “what about breastfeeding?” and “won’t they grow back?”. The answer was simple. I didn’t want to waste more of my life with low self-esteem, and no – body parts you remove do not ‘grow back’. Advice I have given to anyone who is worried about the whole breastfeeding thing, is what my surgeon told me. So many women struggle with breastfeeding anyway, so for me to spend the next 10 years in pain only to find out I can’t breastfeed anyway would be a waste of time.

I answered a lot of general questions here, so have a read of that if you are interested in how I went about getting the operation.

It sounds dramatic but my life has literally changed since the breast reduction. I can buy clothes that fit me! I can wear so many things that I couldn’t before and even bra shopping became fun. I remember what it was like before if I wanted to go shopping. I had to prepare myself that nothing would fit over my boobs, and even if it did – it was probably 4 sizes too big and drowned the rest of me. Having always had quite small arms and shoulders, buying clothes that were too big was just ridiculous. For the first 6 months, my boobs looked fake hah! They were super perky and kinda firm and did not move. Then they ‘dropped’ which isn’t them literally dropping, I prefer to think of it as them softening up and feeling more natural.

When people recoil in horror and gasp “why would you do that?! I would kill for big boobs!”. No you wouldn’t. You’d kill for perfect Barbie doll DD’s. F cup boobs on someone who is barely 5’4 are uncomfortable and way too big. I’m not normally someone who likes to get cleavage out anyway – but hiding them was almost impossible. I still have big boobs now, so imagine what they were like before! I remember when I was 18, someone I knew nicknamed me “Big Tits Lydia”. I absolutely hated being called that. I hated that my boobs were my defining feature. They rarely get noticed now – which is more than fine by me!

There are a few women who I talk to, who are apprehensive of going through with a breast reduction because of either money, pain or fear of regretting it. The money thing is fair enough – I was lucky enough to have a chunk of it covered by insurance, my parents helped out and I only had to get a small loan to cover the rest. If you can get the money together, then my advice is to do it. Pain in no object! I stopped taking painkillers after 2 days because I was really comfortable. The worst bit is not being able to shower properly – no joke. If the size of your boobs have bothered you enough to even consider breast reduction then you can either go through with it and start living your best boob life – or you can spend the next few years considering it only to get it done anyway hehe. I have zero regrets when it comes to my surgery!

If there is anything I haven’t covered, or you’d like to know more feel free to either email me or drop me a comment!

As always, love Lyd x

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