Three Books You Need On Your Coffee Table

When it comes to home interiors, decorative books have always been something I have loved to collect. Whether they’re beauty, food, fashion or photography related – it doesn’t matter to me! I started to collect them when I was handed down the Teen Vogue Handbook after my sister moved overseas and I decided that everything she left behind was now mine, in fact, my sister is responsible for all of my favourite “coffee table books” – thanks ell!

The Teen Vogue Handbook 

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This book is basically a bible/manual of how young aspiring fashion fiends can get their claws into the world of fashion. It’s bright pages feature interviews with some of fashions main contributors – models, photographers, editors, make up artists, so it pretty much works as a behind the scenes look into a career in fashion. I mostly just love that it’s a little bit old school but still such a good resource if you are wanting to work in fashion, because if Anna Wintour is willing to put her name on the back of it, you know that the information inside it is gold. 

Available to buy here – click!

Alexa Chung it 

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This book is definitely more for the artsy girl in all of us! It’s pages are filled with stunning shots of Alexa growing up, drawing and doodles, and short stories from her days that are now behind her. There is something so relaxing about flicking through this book, it must be the same thing that makes Alexa so relatable, even though let’s be honest, she’s untouchable from where i’m standing haha!

Available to buy here – click!

Selfish – Kim Kardashian 

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I don’t really need to explain this book, but for those of you who would like me to sum it up, here goes – think 2009 Kim meets leaked nudes meets some of the hottest selfies that Instagram has seen. It features pictures from 2006 – 2014 and each and every one is better than the last. Not gonna lie – the full on nudes definitely took me a bit by surprise, I didn’t even know it was legal to print vaginas and boobs in a book and call it iconic but I guess now I know!

Available to buy here – click!

What books do you have on your coffee table/night stand that you love?

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Thanks for reading! xo


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