Does This Affordable Foundation Live Up To The Hype?

Ah, the foundation that’s on everybody’s lips – or should I say faces? When The Ordinary (aka my favourite skincare brand ever) released foundations, I knew I had to get my hands on them. As did everyone else! A lot of websites had waiting lists for them, they sold out instantly and the reviews came flowing in. No one could believe that such an affordable foundation could be so good?! Cue a couple of weeks later when I finally got to try them. Was I impressed? Read on to find out!

Serum Foundation

Let me start by saying that anything with the word “serum” in it, is immediately in my shopping basket. I love a foundation that takes care of my skin at the same time. This foundation is incredibly glowy, but has next to no coverage. I was pretty disappointed that after putting it on, I just looked slightly sweatier. Applying this over my breakouts did nothing and I ended up applying layers of concealer over the top to compensate. It also didn’t have great staying power, so even if the coverage was there – it’s still not going to be a go-to for me. Mixing it with the other formula, however, is a different story. More on that later.

Coverage Foundation

This formula and I did not get along when I first tried it. It was hard to blend, was a much lighter colour than the other formula and again, the coverage just wasn’t there. I found that no matter if I used a brush or a sponge, I’d spend a lot longer trying to blend it in and getting it to stay put than any other foundation I’ve tried. I also found it quite drying around my mouth and eyes, which isn’t something that happens with my other products.

Now, let’s talk about mixing the two formulas together. I decided to try mixing the two together to see what would happen and things started to look up. The two formulas together make for a fuller coverage foundation, that stays on my face and still has a little bit of a glow. I have been wearing the two together on days that I don’t want loads of makeup on – I guess it’s comparable to a tinted moisturizer? I’m really torn because the two together make a great formula – but I won’t be recommending them by themselves.

The final verdict: If you’re curious, they’re cheap enough that you can try them out to see for yourself and you might just find that mixing them together works for you too. Individually, I just wasn’t impressed. If I had to recommend one over the other, it would be the serum foundation for those who don’t need coverage and just want a bit of a glow.

Interested in trying them out? Head to for quick shipping!

Love, Lyd x

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