Having A Summer To Remember

Summer is officially here you guys! I am so excited to be able to spend evenings at the beach, having BBQ’s with friends and ultimately relaxing. I’ve partnered with DB Breweries to let you in on all my tips and tricks when it comes to having a summer to remember! There’s nothing better than gathering a group of friends for a beverage or two on a summer’s evening. So, if you wanna know how I make the most of your summer – keep on reading!

Surround yourself with people you love! A summer evening just isn’t right without your best mates! Grab a group together and enjoy a drink or 2 as the evening cools down. Summer is when most people are at their most relaxed – either they’ve finished uni for the year or have a few weeks off over Christmas. It’s a great time to get people together and make the most of the long summer evenings.

Say yes to new experiences! Summer comes along with a lot of opportunity to have fun. Whether it’s a festival, a day at a remote beach or you and your friends going on a road trip – make sure you say yes! Do as much as you can before winter rears its head again!

Make the most of your home! One of my favourite things to do all year round is have my friends over for dinner/drinks/a movie night. In the summer it’s even easier to do this. A few ways I like to change it up in the warmer months is to have a cocktail night out on the deck, create a cosy blanket area outside with fairy lights and takeouts or to take the movies to the balcony to watch in the sun. Easy!

Document the moments that matter.  Take as many photos as you can to make sure you don’t forget any of the memories you’re making! I love polaroid cameras, mainly cause everyone looks good on a polaroid – but also hanging them on your wall is super cute!

Stay safe. In order for you to have an epic summer, you need to make sure you’ve sussed a sober driver whenever drinking is involved. I’m a massive advocate for safer drinking so i’m always putting my hand up to drive. You can still have a great night! There are tonnes of alcohol free options out there so don’t think you have to be stuck drinking water! Take one for the team to make sure your mates get home safely, they’ll thank you for it I promise! Taxi’s and Uber’s are never far away either so make sure you weigh up all your options before the drinking begins.

Take this quiz to see how clued up you are about responsible consumption and be in to win 100’s of spot prizes as well as go in the draw to win tickets to Urban Polo: click me!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun thinking about how to make my summer a one to remember. I’m definitely going to be applying all of these tips! Oh and take the quiz, lemme know your score in the comments!

As always, love Lyd x


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