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How To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is here, I can hear the birds chirping and I’ve already been for evening beach walks! What I love most about spring is this idea of everything being fresh and new. This could be due to the overwhelming feeling of needing to do a spring clean, but let’s keep it whimsical haha! Everything seems brighter and more airy, and the trees around my house become home to cute little parrots!

Spring cleaning your house is super important to get rid of the winter dust and general clutter that seems to fill our homes during the colder months. However, spring cleaning your mind makes a lot of sense too, so I had a long think about ways we can de-clutter our heads for a fresh start in Spring.

Get rid of negative social media
Social media can wreak havoc on your mind, especially during stressful periods. If I see a post that makes me mad, or upset or jealous, I take it way too seriously. This can cause a bad mood, and negative feelings and thoughts. Recently I’ve been unfollowing, un-friending and removing myself from anything and anyone that makes me feel less than tip-top! Going into spring with a positive outlook will ensure this season gets off to a sunny start.

Make “happiness” goals
Write a list of things you want to achieve this spring. I like to make goals of fun things I want to do, that way, I know that whatever I’m getting up to is making me happy. I have just been on a 3 week break – no uni, no work, no anything-that-could-induce-stress. Now that I’m back at work, making plans each week to do a couple of things I enjoy, ensures I stay relaxed as I head into my last 6 weeks of study and a new job.

Spend time with positive people
I always notice the way I feel after spending time with people, whether that be good or bad. There are some people who leave you feeling negative and bad about yourself just from the things they talk about. And then there are some people who leave you feeling like you have sunshine inside of you! Spending time with the latter can drastically adjust your mindset going into a new season, and make you feel more positive about life.

Find new ways to relax
I am really good at getting myself into a rut regarding what I do when I get home. Lately it’s been chucking on some Netflix until I fall asleep and waking up the next day so unprepared for the day. SO, recently I’ve been trying out new ways of relaxing to try to mix up how I spend my evenings. Some things I’ve been enjoying doing more regularly to relax are drinking tea and reading, going for a walk on the beach or having a friend over for some wine and a movie.

Plan ahead!
Planning ahead reduces the risk of forgetting things, it minimises stress and ensures you make time for everything. This is a good idea anyway, but going into spring – the season that literally represents fresh starts might be a good place to start. I love the calendar app on my Macbook because everything is colour coded into four sections – work, uni, personal time and blog. If I know something is coming up, I chuck it in my calendar and literally cannot forget it. It’s also really good for me because I am a super visual person, so physically seeing everything in its place helps me plan and prioritise.

What do you do to spring clean your life and refresh your mind?

As always, thanks so much for reading!

Lydia xo

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