Looking Back On My 2017 Goals & Resolutions

At the beginning of 2017, I set myself a few loose goals and resolutions and I thought today we could look back on them together to see how I went! Let’s just say that this year went pretty differently to how I would have expected, or possibly liked – but I learnt a lot and I’m in a completely different place than I was last year. Let’s start shall we?

Do More With My Days

“I often find myself bored at home with nothing to do. I’ve come to realise that I am way too young, and way too blessed to possibly be bored. I vow this year to do more with my days and if I ever have the audacity to say I’m bored, I will do something – no matter how small to change that.”

Well, this one started off well and to be fair, I am a lot busier nowadays. I feel like I’ve filled my days up with blogging and photography and online courses, not exactly the great adventures I had planned but I do think I used my time more proactively this year. I also had some down time and for once didn’t feel bored, it felt like a break which is nice.

Take Care of My Health More

“I don’t drink enough water, do enough exercise or sleep enough. I also don’t work out which is probably a bad idea. In 2017 I wanna drink more water, exercise 3-4 times a week and try my best to get 8 hours of sleep every night. Obviously water and exercise aren’t revolutionary, however considering neither of these exist in my life now, they might do something!”

…Okay, so I only just joined the gym but I promise I’ve been going!! I have also been drinking way more water and sleep has been a real priority for me this year. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

Take More Photos

“I don’t have any photos on my phone, or computer from the past couple of years. I don’t know how thats happened considering I run a blog, so taking photos is kinda my thing but I rarely document memories with photos I can look back on in years to come and remember everything I did that day.”

Okay so nah, this didn’t happen. My phone is still full of memes and blogging photos. Maybe next year? MAYBE I’ll get some printed?? Start a photo album even! (Probably not).

Become More Financially Stable.

“Okay, bit dramatic there Lyds – my finances are a-ok in the grand scheme of things. I would however like to have more control when it comes to money spent on stupid things like food and random knick-knacks from Kmart. I wanna get my credit card paid off, get my savings up so I can travel next summer and try to live a little more frugally.”

Yeah, nah. Not this one either. Although, considering I did a low-paid internship for 3 months, I’m doing okay! I’ve also scored myself a full-time job in my field and have some savings behind me so whilst I’m not rolling in it – I did okay.

Goals for 2017:

  • Secure a placement for my uni co-op – nailed it!
  • Become vegan by March – uh huh honey!
  • Book/go on a holiday overseas – SE Asia trip booked!
  • Grow my blog – very proud of my blogging achievements this year!
  • Look into moving to Wellington for 2018 – no longer moving, have a great job here in Auckland
  • Ski in Queenstown – not a chance, how expenny is that?!

How did you go with your 2017 goals and resolutions?

Love, Lyd x

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