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When it comes to bras, us girls will know how expensive, uncomfortable and hard to find they can be. Finding the perfect size and fit can be challenging, as well as trying to find cute styles that don’t cost the earth. That’s where Rose & Thorne come in. They make lingerie simple. Comfortable fabrics, a huge variety of styles and sizes that range from A to G you are bound to find something you love. The best part? They are the most affordable bras I’ve come across. Checking out the website you’d be hard pressed to find something over $50.

Since my breast reduction, I have found buying bras so much easier – but there is still one issue. I now have a scar that goes under my boobs and some bras can dig in and make it very painful to wear one the whole day. I’ve road tested both of my Rose & Thorne bras and there is no red marks, no rubbing and they make me forget I even have a scar. They are the softest bras I’ve ever owned and add a pop of colour to my otherwise black and lacy underwear collection. It’s weird, I never thought my blog would reach a point where I’d be posting photos in my underwear, but these bras make me feel so confident and happy that I don’t even care.

So often I find myself going into lingerie shops and the general idea is that you buy lingerie to look good for a man. Valentines Day promo, styles that are neither practical or comfortable and products that are made simply to wrap your body up in lace and ribbon for a partner to enjoy. Rose & Thorne make lingerie for women to enjoy and feel confident in. They make styles that we as women will feel good wearing, that will enhance our features and fit into our lives whether we wanna look sexy or just chuck on a t-shirt and go. I absolutely love this message and feel so good talking to you guys about them! I’m all about girl power and feeling confident for yourself and if you wanna dress up a lil for your man then all power to you!! I was sent the following styles and LOVE them both.

En Forme Special Edition Lace & Smooth Operator Special Edition Cat Print

Because I always opt for black and lacy, I thought I’d show you show you some of my fave styles from the website too!

En Forme Radiate $30                      En Forme Spot $27                    En Forme Justa Bra $20

Thank you so much to Rose & Thorne for working with me on this post – it’s probably one of my favourites! You can shop all Rose & Thorne products online here or at The Warehouse. I seriously recommend you trying out these bras and underwear – I know you’re gonna love them! Students can get 3 bras for $30 online so definitely check that out on their website for more details!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Lyd x

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This post contains products that were sent to me as a gift, however all opinions are 100% my own.

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