How To Be Mindful When You’re Lazy AF

Mindfulness. A word that makes me envision yoga and barefoot walks along the beach while a gentle breeze sweeps my hair out of my face and I have an epiphany about how I’m going to change my life. Okay, so you can tell I spend way too much time daydreaming and not actually being mindful. If you don’t know, mindfulness is all about being self-aware and paying attention to your own thoughts. You’re probably thinking you already do that but chances are you’ve never made the conscious effort to recognise your thoughts, emotions and reactions.

Now, about that title. I’m not lazy in the generic sense of the word. I work hard (humble brag) and get what I want out of life, but I never take the time to recognise my thoughts and emotions and apply that knowledge to my everyday life. It’s like I know what’s good for me but don’t consciously take actions towards those things. Being mindful teaches you to prioritise what’s best for you, set yourself up for success and make sure you’re putting your thoughts into actions.

So how do you become more ~mindful~..?

Small sprinklings of mindfulness throughout your day will probably work best if you’re lazy and bad at changing habits like me. Some experts say to spend time each morning to meditate and envision positive things but let’s be real honest for a second – I am not gonna wake up just to do that. I’d fall right back to sleep. Instead, try to eat lunch without looking at your phone. Ride the train and look out the window. Walk slower and take in your surroundings. Unless it’s raining, in that case – RUN. You’ll be so surprised how much more you notice about how you’re feeling when you slow your pace down and take your time.

The key to this is don’t expect changes straight away, and don’t force certain behaviours. This is the opposite of being mindful. Do what feels right, take small steps and be kind to yourself. Being mindful is all about creating a habit of self awareness, patience and eventually you’ll notice your thoughts changing.

I’d love to know your thoughts – leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading! Love, Lyd x

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  • Reply Kendel

    I tried the whole ‘mindfulness app’ thing for a while and it was GREAT. I was on a roll and then life happened. I stopped using it. I tried to pick it up again, but it just didn’t feel authentic! I am terrible when it comes to emotions – especially my own. I have been trying to go for a walk without my phone so I can just BREATHE and actually appreciate where I am at the moment. It has been doing wonders! You are absolutely right about slowing down and taking your time with things!

    August 1, 2017 at 1:59 pm
    • Reply lydiamicha

      Agreed! I used to meditate in the mornings but my schedule got too busy so I try on weekends now! Im glad you’re getting back into it 🌟💖

      August 1, 2017 at 2:01 pm

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