New Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Review

Oh my god you guys, I am so excited to be writing this post today! Hourglass is probably my all time holy grail brand for makeup. They never ever get it wrong! I have been super impressed time and time again with all their releases and this story is much of the same. My momma and I got invited to come along to the Hourglass event at Mecca in Ponsonby to launch the new Vanish Stick Foundation a few weeks ago and I’ve been counting down the days.

The foundation itself promises the skin you’ve always dreamed of with seamless, full coverage minus the weight. I always have an idea of how I’m gonna like a foundation before I try it because me and foundation just don’t get along. I’ve tried so many and never get the look I want! But let me tell you, this foundation is amazing. Seriously life changing. It’s such a creamy consistency but doesn’t feel wet or sticky on the skin. The formula is comfortable to wear and covered all of my acne scarring without caking up. My skin is technically dry, but I get oily through my t-zone by the end of the day. I did have to re-powder my nose after around 8 hours but the coverage was still very nice. 8 hours isn’t bad on my skin! If you have a chance to, please go and try this foundation. I can’t recommend it enough, I am obsessed and I know you will be too!


I got the colour ‘Shell’ and also grabbed ‘Warm Beige’ for contouring with. The lovely Grace and Lauren at Mecca in Ponsonby spent so long pretty much giving me a full makeover with these products and by the end of it, I was sold! Along with those two, I also grabbed one of the Ambient Lighting Powders in ‘Diffused Light’ and another Ambient Lighting Blush in ‘Dim Infusion’.

Thanks so much for reading! Are you gonna go out and try this baby on?!

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Love, Lydia xo

* edit: unfortunately after using this on my skin for a week or so, I seem to have had a mild reaction to the formula. I have super sensitive skin and I am really sad because I still think this foundation is amazing! If you have non-super-sensitive skin then I would still 100% recommend this*

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