5 Rules of Effective Goal Making

When it comes to goal making, I’m sure we’re all guilty of going out and buying the Pinterest ready stationary, writing down a list of ‘goals’ and never looking at them again. If you’re anything like I was, goals were something that I’d make and easily forget about. I’ve always tried really hard to create concrete goals but they never seemed to stick. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten so much better at making and completing goals and I thought I’d share my secret to success.

  • Reach, reward, repeat.
    When you make a goal, think about why you want to achieve it. ‘Save money’, why? Because you need to save. Write the dollar figure, the number, the tangible result down so that the goal has direction. There is no point writing a goal if you don’t acknowledge where that goal can take you. Example; drink coffee at home, no buying = a saving of $100-$120 per month.
  • Get app-happy.
    Apps are a great way of keeping up with your goals. There is an app out there for everyone, whether your goal is health related, financial or even helping you get pregnant! I love budgeting apps because they let you plug in how much money you get each week, and calculates a daily budget according to that. You enter in each spend and can physically see how much you have left for the day. Weight loss apps are great too, as long as your goal is realistic and healthy – don’t get too caught up in calorie counting!
  • Break it down honey!
    Sometimes people give up on goals because they’re too big and out of reach. They don’t seem plausible, and therefore your daily actions don’t alter to help you get there. Say for example you want to save $2000. Look at your daily activities; $5 coffee here, $10 lunch there, $20 grocery stop on the way home. It all adds up. By planning your day-today activities, you can really see how your goal can be broken down into smaller fragments. As mentioned in my first point, you can save a lot of money by simply cutting out your daily coffee, so think small and watch your goal get closer!
  • You have to give a shit.
    Let’s be real here. Do you actually want to lose 10kg, or do you just feel like you should? By choosing goals that you really want to achieve, instead of goals that you ‘probably should get round too’, you’re that little bit closer to actually reaching it. Since I left school I’ve had this $4000 savings goal, that I can’t go below or something bad will happen. But this year, I realised – why am I saving this amount of money? I’m at uni, I can’t go travelling and I already have a nice car so why am I being so frikken’ strict every week?! I loosened my purse strings a wee bit and my happiness increased because I wasn’t constantly stressing about every little purchase. Yes, my savings decreased a little – but I still have savings and I have had an amazing year of memories so what’s the ish?
  • Execution is key!
    How you go about achieving your goals is really the backbone of how well you’re gonna do. You can’t make a goal of losing weight and not change your diet. You’re not gonna save $2000 if you’re only earning enough each week to cover necessities. You have to do what it takes to get there. Get a work out buddy! Pick up an extra shift at work each week. Future you will say thanks.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my top tips for achieving your goals!

What are you goals for the remainder of 2016?!

As always,

Love Lydia xo

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