A Year of Being a Vegetarian

I’ve been vegetarian for 12 months now. I haven’t eaten meat for a whole year. Intentionally that is, and thats because the guys at dominos can’t seem to help putting meat on my pizza (thanks guys!). But really, a whole year since I chose to no longer eat innocent animals, to no longer buy into the cruel meat industry and to live a more sustainable life. I am pretty much vegan, I eat the odd bit of dairy here and there but for the most part I use coconut milk in cooking etc.

Deciding to go vegetarian was a weird process. I’ve always wanted to be vegan, however I’m gonna be honest and say it is hard when you enjoy the meals that contain meat and animal products. I had to figure out how I can still enjoy the food I loved, minus the meat. I cut out all red meat and poultry first, which wasn’t too hard once I watched a few documentaries. Cutting out fish came a couple of months later, as I did struggle at first with creating meals that would make me feel full.

What I found difficult:

At first, I found eating a variety of food really difficult. I would find something I liked and eat nothing but that for weeks on end! But as the months went on and I realised I could eat anything I wanted, minus the meat, shit got easy! I cut meat out right before Christmas, so missing out on all that yummy Christmas food was hard, but remembering that holidays like Christmas are when the meat industry thrives really helped me stay on track.

Things that helped me, that may help you:

Watching documentaries might sound like a scare tactic, but you already know the things that happen to animals. You’d be silly to say things like you thought they lived in great conditions. Watching these documentaries really reinforced to me that I was looking at the bigger picture. I wasn’t being fussy or difficult, I was aiding the sustainability of the only planet we have to live on. I watched The Cove, which is about the annual dolphin cull in Japan. I don’t even eat dolphin, I don’t think we can in New Zealand, but watching that and thinking how cruel it was made me look at cows and think..”hang on, what’s the difference?”. Making friends with other veggies/vegans for recipes and general vegetable chat was also very useful!

If you are looking at becoming a vegetarian or vegan, there are some great resources available online that can answer all of your questions! Being vegetarian has multiple benefits not only for you, but for the planet we live on too!

As always, thanks for reading! Any comments or questions are welcome xo

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